Casing decay

  • We've had a couple of Amplifi routers for at least two years (can't find the receipts to verify date of purchase, but it might be more than two years). They still run perfectly well but the outer case on one has deteriorated significantly (image below). It just looked dirty but when I tried to wipe it with a cloth the surface had become sticky and resistant to any efforts to remove the staining. It looks and feels a bit like decaying rubber. I checked the other router and it's beginning to take on the same appearance, although less dramatically.
    This is all entirely superficial but if the decay continues they're going to start looking a bit too ugly to continue with and we'll need to look at replacements. I don't want to abandon the Ubiquiti environment given the excellent functionality of the routers so I contacted Support to ask whether the cases for newer models like the Alien are made of the same material. They couldn't tell me and suggested that I post something here so that one of the developers could take up the issue and provide me with some information about the material question.
    Can someone do so?
    I'd also be interested in whether anyone else has had this problem. My suspicion is that there's nothing inherently wrong with the material but we live in a high humidity area and don't use aircon. We may have to opt for routers with a hard plastic casing.
    Thanks for any help or comments.


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