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  • We've had a couple of Amplifi routers for at least two years (can't find the receipts to verify date of purchase, but it might be more than two years). They still run perfectly well but the outer case on one has deteriorated significantly (image below). It just looked dirty but when I tried to wipe it with a cloth the surface had become sticky and resistant to any efforts to remove the staining. It looks and feels a bit like decaying rubber. I checked the other router and it's beginning to take on the same appearance, although less dramatically.
    This is all entirely superficial but if the decay continues they're going to start looking a bit too ugly to continue with and we'll need to look at replacements. I don't want to abandon the Ubiquiti environment given the excellent functionality of the routers so I contacted Support to ask whether the cases for newer models like the Alien are made of the same material. They couldn't tell me and suggested that I post something here so that one of the developers could take up the issue and provide me with some information about the material question.
    Can someone do so?
    I'd also be interested in whether anyone else has had this problem. My suspicion is that there's nothing inherently wrong with the material but we live in a high humidity area and don't use aircon. We may have to opt for routers with a hard plastic casing.
    Thanks for any help or comments.


  • I also have this issue that I'd like a resolution to.
    My router has become sticky to the touch and quite dirty.
    It is only 13 months old and well looked-after.
    I should have investigated this before the warranty ran out and got a replacement.

  • @Peter-Thornton

    Hi Peter,
    I'm afraid all I can say is don't hold your breath. Amplifi Support aren't interested in the problem and insisted I post here because 'the developers' would have the issue drawn to their attention this way and someone would help me with it.

    The only responses I've had so far have been email messages from Support trying to close their part of the case. I finally told them they may as well do so because they're clearly not interested in doing anything about it. Exactly what sort of 'support' group can't actually contact another area of their organisation and get some information is beyond me.

    My routers were out of warranty when I noticed the problem too. I certainly won't be needing to call on any Amplifi warranty in future since, as good as their routers are functionally, I won't touch their products again.

  • Hi Peter and any others looking at this issue,

    Update - my support request also went nowhere.

    Initially, I advised of problem and asked how to remove the sticky residue on the casing, to which Support replied it's normal wear and tear and not to use any cleaning products.

    I replied it was not 'normal wear and tear' for the casing material to degrade in this manner in less than 12 months and that it was clearly faulty materials and should be replaced under warranty. I advised it was not good enough and that I'd report it to the consumer court/tribunal here in Australia, as even if out of warranty, faulty materials/goods must be replaced.

    They replied again it's excluded under warranty but kicked it up the line.

    Further response declined any repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear, but they acknowledged that this HD and Alien future products used a more resilient material that didn't degrade.

    I'll lodge those forms when next in the city.

    As an aside, after researching what auto trades used on perished interiors etc, I tried a gentle cleaning with product called AutoGlym Interior shampoo and then another wipe over with AutoGlym Vinyl and Rubber Care has worked a treat! All ingrained dust marks and stickiness gone, back to brand new, practically.

  • @Peter-Thornton
    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the heads up on the AutoGlym products. I'll give them a try although my routers are a fair bit older than yours and decay might have set in a bit too much.

    Taking your situation to Fair Trading in whatever State you're in might be well worth it. It's not enough for Amplifi to decide what is and isn't covered by warranty, at least not in Oz. How warranty is applied here is different: technically, if I remember correctly, there aren't specific warranty conditions and periods recognised by consumer law but obligations on the functionality and condition of a product can be enforced by Fair Trading ... or something like that. So a manufacturer doesn't get to say what can be repaired/replaced and for how long. Presumably a Fair Trading tribunal takes into account what a manufacturer offers as warranty conditions, but that's not necessarily the end of the matter.

    I'd also love to know how Amplifi thinks that something designed to sit undisturbed on a shelf gets to be worn or torn, normally or otherwise ... especially to the extent of producing the sort of decay we've both experienced. But the fact that they've changed the material for these routers might suggest that they've known about problems with the surface for a lot longer than they're letting on.

    Good luck with it.

  • @Peter-Wise-0 my problem has become far worse and I have 3 HD routers. Hate that they look sooo dirty and that I have one in my living rooom!!! !! How do I add the images? When I click on the image option I get html code 😳

  • Glad I found this - thought I would bump (for all the good it will do).

    I have an Amplifi HD which is about 2 years old and the case on the base unit is now unpleasantly sticky to the touch.

    With 3 cats and a dog in the house, the thing resembles some kind of cubic rodent - coated in hair and dust.

    Alcohol swabs help for a bit, but don't remove the tackiness and it gets filthy again within days.

    Frustrating as the device has been pretty good from a technical standpoint, but this seems like an obvious and poor oversight in terms of the material design.

  • I know this original post is old but I have the same problem. I was renovating my house and I did my best to protect my HD router and mesh points from the dirt and dust in the air, when the job was completed the surface of the units had streaks of black dust attached to them and I thought I would simply just wipe them down with a cloth to make them look new again (guess it doesn’t help they are white). I was surprised when trying to clean them that the surface felt sticky or rubber like with dirt particles embedded onto them.

    After many attempts trying to clean my units I notice the surface paint attached to the plastic is what appears to be some sort of matte velvet like coating and this was coming off during the cleaning process (similar to cleaning a sticky label from a surface) - problem from my end is its been several years and I have forgotten what the surface was like when new.

    I first tried soap and warm water but that did nothing, then after googling how to clean plastic when it becomes sticky I tried a baking soda mix, and finally a sticky residue remover. Unsure if it was the chemicals or the amount of cleaning I was doing but as mentioned the surface coating started to come off, I now have one mesh points that is somewhat cleaner but the branding has come off and surface no longer has that clean flat smooth white finish.

    Long storey short, the surface coating that is applied to the Amplifi HD surface isn’t durable and sounds like it will attract dirt. My units still work fine but visually they look so dirty. I’m not sure if I will replace them, but it’s crazy to say that as they still function, it’s just visually they are something I don’t want to showcase, again doesn’t help they are white.

    What’s funny is when friends come round they will say your finished house looks great but why haven’t you cleaned that unit plugged into the wall, or the router looks like it needs a wipe. When I tell them the story one or two have changed their mind with thoughts toward investing into an Amplifi mesh system.

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