Get wifi 6 speeds working...

  • I bought two Ailen routers expecting WiFi 6 speeds... not an unreasonable expectation since these are advertised as WiFi 6 routers...

    However WiFi 6 speeds are still slower than WiFi 5 speeds on this router!
    I have talked to support several times and have gotten the same answer each time.


    I need an answer now, when will I be able to fully use my expensive WiFi 6 routers?
    How can you even sell WiFi 6 routers that don’t deliver WiFi 6 speeds?

  • @Jacob-Rudolph

    I didn‘t understand why you have issues with the speed. I get about up to 860MBits per Second over Wifi 6 on my IPhone when performing Speedtest with my 1Gig ISP Connection.

    And I guess it would be even more if my ISP would deliver more.

  • @kochi81
    I also have 1gig connection, my download speeds are fine but upload is max 300mbps on wifi 6, if i use a wifi 5 device i get much better upload speed.
    I have contacted support several times and each time i get the same answer (see first post).

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