Does Alien use same UniFi network control through browser as UDM?

  • As per the title, I cannot find any videos on YT showing the browser control of the network in reference to the Alien router, only mobile apps. Every UDM video shows great control over the network through the browser, is the Alien router using the same software, and is the threat management and VLAN capabilities the same?

    What are the main differences aside from WiFi6 and LCD display?

    Also what is the total IDS/IPS throughput with the Alien, please?

    Thank you 🙂

  • No, not all all. Don't believe the marketing hype for now. I like the equipment, however it's more like Alpha software at this point. The Alien is fairly polished, but there's not as much to configure.
    The IDP/IPS on UDMP (do not do UDM) doesn't work about half the time. It uses open source Murkota or something like that, which has been integrated, it's nothing you can modify, just detection levels and settings.
    If you want simple performance and reliability, then Alien is the way to go. If you want to tinker and spend your days on the UI support forums installing new Beta Software, and like to tinker, the UI would be ok.
    I'm running both, UDMP with Alien in Bridge Mode.

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