Future update "hope" features

  • I'm new to the Amplifi community and hope to see you all.. Just bought an Alien router as my old Asus RT-AX58U was not working well, this being said, I have some questions/suggestions:


    1. Can the speaker have more use? Like:
    • when a device connects
    • set it to make a sound at a certain hour
    • 12 o'clock chimes
    • even an Alarm would be nice.
    1. Please implement 160Mhz bandwidth to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6 speeds

    2. Update app so we can select more channels

    • I can only select 36 to 48 and all my neighbours use those as default.. (You can select more channels on a 50$ router..c'monn..)

    4.There should be more advanced configurations available(QOS, traffic analyzer, Firewalls , MU-MIMO options, WMM, modulation, beamforming etc)


    1. Will WPA3 be available in next update?
    2. Can a software update extend Wi-Fi 6 frequency so it can be used as Wi-Fi 6E?

  • Excellent suggestions for future updates, I have some myself.

    I am very happy with the Alien Amplifi, the wireless speeds I get are very good and the coverage excellent. Also my son has noticed that his ethernet connected Xbox updates information much quicker than before.

    There are some features that would be nice to see in future updates (they are not in any preference order). I am sure some people would like other features added and may want them added to the list.

    • Being able to see the WAN IP address within the app
    • When a guest is connected, being able to see them in Devices and marked as guest
    • The ability to make a device (e.g. a printer) accessible on the guest network
    • WPA3 support
    • Teleport app for OS Mac and Windows, so you can connect a laptop to the router when away
    • Notification if the router goes offline