Future update "hope" features

  • I'm new to the Amplifi community and hope to see you all.. Just bought an Alien router as my old Asus RT-AX58U was not working well, this being said, I have some questions/suggestions:


    1. Can the speaker have more use? Like:
    • when a device connects
    • set it to make a sound at a certain hour
    • 12 o'clock chimes
    • even an Alarm would be nice.
    1. Please implement 160Mhz bandwidth to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6 speeds

    2. Update app so we can select more channels

    • I can only select 36 to 48 and all my neighbours use those as default.. (You can select more channels on a 50$ router..c'monn..)

    4.There should be more advanced configurations available(QOS, traffic analyzer, Firewalls , MU-MIMO options, WMM, modulation, beamforming etc)


    1. Will WPA3 be available in next update?
    2. Can a software update extend Wi-Fi 6 frequency so it can be used as Wi-Fi 6E?