iPhone 12 Incorrect WiFi Password on Switching Mesh Points

  • Since the 3.5.1 firmware (and possibly coincidently with the display failing on my main unit), my wife's and my iPhone 12 (12 mini for her 12 Pro Max for Me) are often coming up incorrect WiFi password for the network with a re-enter password prompt. If you cancel that dialog, you get kicked to the cellular, but if if you select the WiFi password, then the network connects as expected. Will see if that continues after I replace the failed display unit (comes today via UPS).


  • I have this exact issue and am waiting for resolution from support. So far its been a lot of try turning X off. I paid a premium for these routers and have a lot of devices connected, I am not willing to bounce 80+ devices off the wireless and go around and reconnect every thing.

  • My wife and I have the same issue. We have a few iDevices all with latest iOS and iPadOS, but get intermittent WiFi signal drops and requests for passwords.

  • Same here. Also working with support.

  • I am intermittently getting the same issue on Apple devices, and it does seem to happen when changing between MeshPoints. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max showing the behavior.

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