Using Amplifi HD Mesh in a VLAN environment

  • Hi
    I’m new to the world of Amplifi so I feel I must check if, and how, I go about doing this scenario.

    WAN comes info my house to an Edgerouter X. Input port is tagged VLAN1. The ERX then tag two ports (1,2) with VLAN 30 and two ports VLAN 107 (3,4).

    My sons computer in another part of the house connects with cable to port 1, VLAN30, and the Amplifi HD router to port 2, also VLAN30. DHCP and VLAN firewalling is presently done by the ERX.

    Now to the interesting part, will I be able to use parental controls on my sons computer via the Amplifi HD or not? My assumption is that in order for parental control to work (ie silent times) the Amplifi must handle the routing of his computer?

    If so, is it enough to let the Amplifi handle the DHCP for the VLAN30 in order for it to be used as a gateway or does the fact that I have clients on the WAN side of the gateway create a problem for the Amplifi HD?

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