Help with Settings to optimize connection speeds for Amplifi HD

  • Hello everyone,

    I don't know very much about networks although I learn fast and am trying to familiarize myself with the language. I have a new Amplifi HD stand alone router for a small 1 bedroom unit that is connected to a main house with a separate modem on the same ISP (Spectrum). My modem is standard equipment from my ISP and we have a 200Mbps service. We just moved so we have not used another router or ISP at this location, therefore today was the first time connecting to our network.

    I have tested my 2019 MacBook Pro and iPhone 6 with SpeedTest and have consistently gotten 215-232 Mbps through the test, however the average speed showing for my devices is around 30-40 Mbps. The highest speed was 82 Mbps for maybe 30 seconds and the slowest was 8 Mbps. I understand that connection speed has many variables involved. I know that our capability is actually slightly higher than what we paid for (200 Mbps) although we only got 200 Mbps during the SpeedTest test and it showed on the router as well but not with the Amplifi App Test. We have full Wi-Fi connectivity in our entire house and also in our backyard so I am very pleased about that. The devices on my network are as follows:
    -2019 MacBook Pro
    -iPhone 6
    -iPhone 7
    -Playstation 4
    -iPad mini (rarely used)

    As I understand it, our PS4 is currently connected over Wi-Fi and not Ethernet and does not run on the newer 802.11ax/ac which could be why we were trying to download a 64GB game and were only getting an average of 40 Mbps over 3 hours and were not using the internet on our other devices. I also configured the PS4 for gaming QoS and it was automatically connected to the 2.4GHz line. I have all of the basic settings enabled for the router.

    -What settings should I be enabling/disabling on the Amplifi App and also the http://amplifi.lan website under the Advanced Settings?

    -What settings, if any, should I change under the Network Settings on macOS?

    -Is there anything I should know, purchase, or research/reading you recommend in order to optimize my connection speeds?

    -Also, since Teleport does not work on macOS, do you recommend purchasing a VPN for using my MacBook Pro on my home network?

    Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate any comments/answers! I want to learn, so please tell me anything that may be helpful.

    Like I said before, I simply do know understand the language yet and have not taken the time to educate myself on everything internet/network related. Typically, I have just let my devices automatically configure network settings for me, although I always make sure I have all the settings on to avoid companies tracking my information. I do not use social media and use duckduckgo for my search engine on all my devices.

  • Hi @dauntlessdivine,

    All information is as is, and settings that I describe works for me but you can always test them to tune your system.

    As I understand from your description (correct me if I'm wrong):

    -If you stand close to the Amplifi HD and your Macbook and iPhone are both connected to the Amplifi HD and ran a test with Speedtest you have around 200 Mbps?
    -When you do the same with the Amplifi app you do not get the higher speed as above?
    -The speed difference you mention could be if there are any interference (see below) for the devices or if they are connected to 2,4 Ghz network. Short: 2,4 Ghz network works on longer distance but gives a slower speed. 5 Ghz network works on shorter distance and gives you a higher speed.
    -You can try to create a dedicated 5Ghz network on the Amplifi Router and see if you get better performance then.

    Placement of router, does matter. See below:

    I will try to sort some things out for you - comparing to my own setup. We have one Amplifi HD and two mesh points covering our house and it works fine. We also run the latest fw: 3.4.4. We have around 15-20 devices connected to the system:

    -IoT devices
    -3 iPhones
    -3 iPads
    -3 Apple TV:s
    -2 Android phones
    -4 Windows PC - one wired
    -2 Macbooks
    -1 Mac Mini
    -2 printers
    -5 Eufy cameras
    -1 NAS - wired
    -Eufy camera base system - wired

    Your environment does matter. For example our house is 103 kvm on two floors. Our house is made of wood and we have no concrete walls etc.

    The throughput is very good from our ISP, we have fiber connected directly via RJ45 cable to the Amplifi HD and I can max the connection out on the ground floor - we hit 250/250 Mbps without any problem.

    On the top floor and in the garden around 10-30 m from the house the speed will go down to around 100-150 Mbps and in our "barn" I got around 50-75 Mbps. All of above numbers are on 5 Ghz network SSID.

    I have a dedicated network for my IoT devices that runs on 2,4Ghz. I have also created a dedicated 5Ghz SSID network for work computers/study from home computers.

    In the beginning we had some tuning problems with poor speed and iOS devices asking for passwords etc, similar as you describe above (not the password issue although). When I was troubleshooting this, the issue for us was interference from other networks in our area. I used the following software (free version) to check out the wifi networks in our neighbourhood.

    After I change channel and bandwidth for the wireless network, as I said above, our issues disappeared.

    I have the following settings on the advanced settings on the webpage:


    Regarding the VPN question AmpliFi HD as you stated only supports the Teleport software. It does work on the new Macbook M1 computers but that will not help you now. It will support an VPN if you install a VPN solution behind the router on some pc/Mac/server that you can use. Other community members might have a solution for this?

    Please feel free to ask further questions.

    Good luck!


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