• Would like HomeKit support and a native, universal iOS app

  • Just to clarify, are you referring to Apple HomeKit? How does a router provide HomeKit support? And there is an iOS App, but it does need quite a bit of updating...

  • HomeKit support could work as a (power) switch.

    Sample use: Power Wi-Fi Cam on/off
    When users smartphone is home, turn off power for Wi-Fi cam. When user leaves home (disconnects from Wi-Fi), turn on the power for the Wi-Fi camera.

    In this case, the devices could also get grouped, so that the Wi-Fi camera is only powered, when all family members leave the home.

  • @martin-nielsen I think you are mixing hardware a bit here. What you are looking for is a wifi camera that has Homekit support.
    That would allow you to do what you are looking for - including Siri integration, grouping etc.
    The router won't be able to adopt HomeKit as it requires hardware support (i.e. a new revision of Amplifi HD would be needed).
    If they did it, the point would be mostly to, say, enable or disable guest support, check status, maybe change settings (either via voice such as phones or HomePod, or grouping).

  • My use of the word "power off/on" may confuse my sample.

    If AmpliFi could integrate with HomeKit, it would be possible to turn on/off a HomeKit enabled device, depending on if one or more devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

    AmpliFi would work similar to a motion censor, where it sees Wi-Fi devices instead.

  • would make sense to have AHK if Amplifi had advanced parental controls. i.e Siri block my daughters iphone from the internet or Siri send a message to UBNT with the guest wifi password.

  • Bump. Apple now adds routers to their HomeKit line-up.

    HomeKit-enabled routers
    Enabled routers bring an extra layer of security to your smart home. Use the Home app to control which services your HomeKit accessories can communicate with in your network and on the internet.

  • @john-dougherty This feature will determine whether I stay with Amplifi or go elsewhere. The ability to analyze and encrypt 10 days of video clips before uploading it to iCloud (no hit on storage) is too big to ignore. I hope Amplifi quickly updates this so I don't have to look at Linksys or Eero. We are having major mail and package theft in our neighborhood and I'm about to purchase surveillance cameras. Short term I can record to my NAS at home, but I didn't buy it to store surveillance video.

  • @eric-welch Agreed. I was looking at both Linksys and Eero products last night. This type of integration is going to have a significant impact on what I buy and recommend to colleagues.

  • I will also be watching this closely. Love my AmpliFi, but I am seriously looking into the HomeKit router options. Would love it if AmpliFi added it.

  • Same here. I love my AmpliFi router at home, I recommend it to all my friends and colleagues, and I deploy as much Ubiquiti UniFi as possible for small business and small/medium enterprise applications as possible. I’m looking forward to Ubiquiti staying in front of the competition by participating/developing compatibility with Apple’s new HomeKit security for router appliances. A huge chunk of the AmpliFi customer-base must have come from previous Airport Extreme and Airport Time Capsule users (I certainly did). This development only makes sense. If they don’t, then the other manufacturers that do will have my attention as WiFi technology continues to advance and I’m once again in the market for a new home router down the road.

  • Please, I just got this router...don’t force me to sell it on eBay by saying “it’s not even being considered/planned” 😒

    I love it so far. As everyone here is mentioning, this could convince many possible buyers to go elsewhere so try to think about it more.

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