constant rebooting

  • I am finding the Alien is rebooting itself several times a day. Not sure why. Only reason I know is because my internet access goes out for a few minutes and then I hear the Alien chime of it turning on again. Anyone have this issue or a suggestion? Firmware not beta and is up to date.

  • Wow, and I thought I had a problem!

    My Alien reboots every few weeks. The only way I notice is that the speed test results are missing from the Alien's screen. Because this happens, I've gotten into the practice of always doing a speed test so it's easy to tell if it has rebooted. BTW, my Alien is on a UPS so it's not due to a brownout. I mentioned the problem to support but they didn't really have a solution.

    For such a high-end router, I'm surprised there's no user-accessible log to help figure out what's causing this.

    Fortunately, it hasn't happened when anyone was on a video call, but between this and the issues with the latest firmware, I may ditch the Alien and go with something more stable. Ironically, stability was the primary reason I went with the Alien, but unfortunately, that hasn't borne out. 😞

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