Allow to force mesh points connect to each other

  • I know all the reasons for the algorithms from other posts and I also know that there is a better connection directly to the main router from a mesh point but I really, really, really need to be able to decide if a mesh point connects to another mesh point or the router as a manual option. I have used ASUS systems in the past that can do this. Some of my mesh points furthest away from the router will connect directly to another mesh point closer to the router on initial setup exactly like I want. Then if there are a couple of doors opened between rooms the mesh point connects directly to the router. Then a few minutes later the mesh point says it’s too far away and never automatically reconnects to the mesh point I want it to connect. I am always having to reboot mesh points to get them connecting the way I want because of this. I mean even if the system stayed connected the way it was when all powered up then things would be fine. But no, these systems are constantly trying to connect back to the router. Router steering was never turned on so that’s not something I can try as per supports suggestions. Please allow this in a very soon update. You will make my life an awful lot easier. Thanks

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