Inconsistent internet coverage

  • I have an Amplifi HD that has been working great for a few years now. Recently I noticed that all of our iPhones and iPads will suddenly stop being able to pass traffic. The Wifi connection on them never drops, but the phones simply cannot pass any more traffic. Rebooting the Router will typically fix this, but it happens way too often. My PC that I work from has issues as well where it will intermittently stop passing traffic, but usually starts working again on its own. I tried updating the firmware to the latest version, resetting it to factory defaults, and I even downloaded a wifi scanner on my PC so that I could set the channels to ones that are not congested in my area. I also changed the DNS servers I am using to rule out an ISP DNS issue. ( and

    Does anyone have any other ideas? I have worked in Networking and it seems that it may come down to a hardware failure issue on the router itself. But before I buy a new one I wanted to get some more ideas. The Amplifi interface doesn't offer much in the way of troubleshooting or diagnostic tools.

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