Amplifi Alien cut internet speeds in half

  • Hi,

    I have Spectrum 400mbps internet package. I have the Hitron en2251 modem and a Sagemcom sac2v2s router. I live in a 2000sqft second floor condo. Weird layout but my garage is not right underneath my condo. I needed WiFi in my garage for my pellet smoker. Due to my roofline the attic is very hard to run cables. However I was able to run a 75ft cable from the modem in my living room and drop it in my hallway and connect to my new Alien router. My speeds before the router swap was 400mbps and sometimes higher. Now conducting a speed test on the Alien it’s showing 250mbps. I stand right in front of my router and ran a test with my iPhone 12 and I’m getting 140mbps on 5ghz and 116mbps on 2.4ghz. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  • Couple questions come to mind.

    1. What cable did you use? If poor quality / low rating that could reduce speeds. Is your wired speed at the Alien typical, than it's not the ethernet cable.
    2. What firmware are you running 3.5.1?
    3. Did you try to cold reboot (power cycle) the alien.
    4. if you turn off iPhone WiFi and/or restart the phone do you get same results?

    Just some things to try ...

  • @jbenja6460 I used a high quality cat 6. My speeds on the routers self test are consistent. I’m running 3.5.1 firmware. I have rebooted several times and also restarted my phone. Keeps the same speed. Thanks!!!

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  • @CBrummett When you say you are doing a speed test, on what device is the test occurring, and what app is being used. The Amplifi router-based speed test has been often stated to be in accurate, usually under-reporting the speed. I'd suggest testing with a device connected to one of the Alien's ethernet ports and running one of the browser-based speed tests.

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  • @Matthew-Leeds the two pics was done with my iPhone 12 standing right in front of the router. The first is 2.4g and the second 5g

  • @CBrummett The reboots, did you unplug the router from outlet (power on and off)? That seems to make a difference.

    Just a thought. Did you try plugging the Alien back in your original modem location and run a speed test with your iPhone12? If slower speeds persist than something in Alien / settings; if back to normal it might be something to do with your ethernet wiring / connections.
    I believe there is a known problem with the WiFi 6 and iOS that is being addressed, but that is more about connectivity versus speed.
    I just ran a test with my wife's new iPhone (WiFi 6) and got 400/500 (on a one gig fiber setup). She has the latest iOS version. As a reference, my iPhone XS on WiFi 5 is getting 500/500 in exact same location. You would think it should be the opposite, but think the WiFi 6 is still being optimized.

  • Testing on my iPhone 11 about 10 feet from the meshpoint, I get the following using various sites and tools:


    Speedtest 14.69
    Speakeasy 34
    Google 46.7
    Xfinity 38.5

    Tools (app on phone)

    WiFiMan 33
    Amplifi 50 (which actually tests at the router)

    Testing on my desktop which has an ethernet connection to the router I get:

    Speedtest 71
    Speakeasy 72
    Fast 72

    My ISP is ATT on a bonded VDSL (Uverse) rated 75/20.

    So you see, I put little faith in testing internet speed from the WiFi network. I've also done device to device testing using iPerf and other tools to test just the WiFi network, and to test the ethernet network. What I've found is that speed testing is a complicated thing, and one needs to isolate out different elements. Some testing will show you the handshake performance SYN-ACK, some only one of these elements, some blends them.

  • I greatly appreciate all the advice!!

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