• Dear forum,

    Problem situation:

    I would like to set up sat IP TV with the Amplifi Alien from ubiquiti.

    It's about a single-family house where we'll soon be redoing all of the cables. I would like to convert the data from a satellite dish with a Geniatech EyeTV Netstream 4Satn or with the Kathrein Exip 418 indvb-s or dvb-s2.

    Then I would like to bring this data to my end devices with two Amplifi Alien in a mesh network via LAN and WLAN. I keep reading about problems with IPTV and magentatv and ubiquiti products.

    I am a technical layman and I have no way of knowing whether this also applies to dvb-s.

    But I don't want to spend a lot of money on the aliens and then the whole thing doesn't work because I didn't get enough information.

    I now hope for the technical expertise here in the forum. I would really like to buy the aliens and not have to resort to the ugly Netgear mesh routers out of common sense.

    Can someone tell me if sat ip tv works with the amplifi aliens?

    Stay healthy and in a good mood!

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