Electrical Shock at back of Alien Router

  • I have purchased 2 Alien routers and they are running fine. However, I have one very serious issue; I suffered an electrical shock when I touched the metal plate of the LAN ports at the back of the router, yes both of them. I used a Mains Tester Screwdriver (Tester Pen) to test it and it glowed (meaning there is electric current). Could everyone try this and let me know if I am the only one that has this problem or is it a problem with Alien router? This is really dangerous and could cause fire. Thanks!

  • @Jonathan-Lim wow, no.. that's not ok!! i've checked mine with a multimeter set to AC High Voltage and measured the metal to ground... no high voltage is coming out of it..

  • Thanks, Dex. May I know if your city voltage is 120v? The router supports 120v and 230v, autoconversion I suppose as it is working fine. My city is 230v, so that might be the case? Have you tried touching the metal part with your finger or a Tester Pen? Probably I should buy a multimeter to try as well.

  • @Jonathan-Lim I have 3 Aliens.. none of them shocked me or let me measure anyting with tester pen or multimeter also.. And I am from The Netherlands, so we have 230v mains also.. @dexx64 is also from the same country, so he also has 230v mains.

    I really suggest to raise a support ticket for this! Maybe a faulty production batch?

  • @Jonathan-Lim yes, what @Auke-Wesselink says.. touched the metal part of the lan ports and!!! 😉 i'm still alive!!

  • I am really unlucky then. Both Aliens have the same problem. My neighbour lent me a multimeter, what settings should I set it to get readings?

  • I set my multimeter to measure AC and Volt, with the tip of the red pen touched the metal LAN Port and the black pen touched my finger which is ground I suppose as I am not wearing footware, I have 99.8v for one Alien router acting as main and 48v for the other Alien router acting as Mesh. 😱

  • I am really no electrician.. so I can't tell you exactly how you should measure. If I measure the same way you do (AC, red tip on metal, black tip in hand) I also measure about 40-50V.. But not when I measure with ground (earth). Probably because there should be a little V on the LAN ports but that should be DC I think (talking way out of my league here really).
    Really not have had any shock or so. Can it be static discharge?

  • I took a deep breath and touched the metal on both Alien again... On the Alien that measured 48v, I did not get an electric shock. On the one that measured almost 100v... YES, I got it! 😢

  • @Jonathan-Lim RMA that thing, i'm sure ubiquiti will help you.. @UI-AmpliFi check this out... 😨

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