Ethernet backhaul causes massive problems.

  • I just set up my Alien + Mesh Point kit last night and noticed the mesh point would never come online once ethernet backhaul was enabled. It would just boot loop, and never show up as online in the app. The router becomes extremely sluggish, and internet speeds drop to about 10% of available. Wireless clients are constantly dropped, reconnect, drop again, and my phone running the app is forced to 2.4ghz with "No internet connection" showing in the notifications. As soon as I unplug the ethernet backhaul cable the mesh point reverts to wireless backhaul and everything goes back to normal. I've tried different patch cables and different LAN ports on the router for the backhaul connection but it's always the same behavior.

    It had 3.4.1 firmware out of the box with this whacky behavior so I thought updating to 3.5.1 might fix it, but it didn't.

  • Apparently I was doing things in the wrong order, and plugging the backhaul cable into the mesh point BEFORE enabling the ethernet backhaul option causes it to flood the network until the router crashes and reboots, then the cycle repeats until you unplug the backhaul.

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