Slow speeds through the Router

  • My setup:
    Netgear CM1150V Cable Modem
    Amplifi HD Router (with mesh points)
    1GB NIC
    Xfininty 1GB Service
    New Cat6 cables throughout

    When I hook the computer directly to the cable modem, the Xfinity Speed Test consistently shows ~750 MB/s download speeds. Move the cables to run though the router (computer to LAN1 port, WAN to cable modem), the max I see on the same test is ~240MB/s. Multiple tests, multiple runs.

    Why am I seeing the slow speeds through the router? Something I'm doing wrong?


  • @Scott-S-0 I have read the not having Hardware NAT on can contribute to this. Here a the steps to make sure Hardware NAT is on.

    1. Launch the AmpliFi app.
    2. Select the AmpliFi router icon.
    3. Under Settings, select the Internet subsection.
    4. Scroll down to the "Other" subsection and toggle the Hardware NAT to the On position.
    5. Tap ✓ to save your settings.
    6. The router will perform a reboot, and Hardware NAT will now be enabled.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, I already have Hardware NAT enabled.

  • @Scott-S-0 Have you tested latency in both setups?

  • @Scott-S-0 did you find any solution? seems to be almost the same problem as me. But the difference is that when I - for some reason - saves any settings in the router I get full speed for a couple of minutes, then it goes back.

    I am all out of ideas..


  • @Daniel-Wahlstedt

    Hi, Daniel. Yes. After trying everything I could, my solution was to move to the Netgear Orbi Wifi 6.

    Unfortunately, that's not much help to you. Sorry.


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