Outdoor solutions

  • I need to extend wireless access into my back patio. I have an Amplifi Alien (QTY 3) mesh network and it doesn't reach outside due to concrete block + hurricane proof windows. I can run an ethernet port to my side yard by drilling a hole through the house and adding an access point. I have a few questions:

    If I add a FlexHD Access point outside, what is the approximate range?

    If I were to use a FlexHD Access Point, would I be able to seamlessly transfer between the mesh and the access point? I know this sounds like a total first world problem, but at a friends house they have the Amplifi Alien and the Outdoor Orbi wireless extender and it drops connection while he moves indoors/outdoors (pain in the ass with Sonos).

    If the answer to #2 is no, would I be better off buying a vented and cooled waterproof/weather proof enclosure and sticking an Amplifi Alien in there?

    Is there a better product that is worth recommending?


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