Strange 2.4GHz disconnection when no 5GHz clients connect

  • I run two meshed AmpliFi routers in a remote cabin in the Alps (ISP feeds a rock solid 100/10 Mbps & HDTV to a remote cabin at 1600 metres — thanks for asking).

    • Everything works 100% perfectly when I’m there.

    • When I’m not there, the 2.4GHz connection to my CCTV & weather station drops - not immediately, but some days after I leave.

    • The moment I return, my iPhone hooks onto the 5GHz network and, miraculously, CCTV & weather station immediately work perfectly again with no intervention on my part other than opening the front door.

    Mmmmm: the only reason I have CCTV & weather station is to know what’s happening when I’m NOT there (when I’m there I can look out the window).

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