LAN Access from WIFI without bridge mode

  • Hi! Im using Amplifi HD Kit in small office, we have there single main router (mikrotik) that provides LAN to pcs and other cable connected devices, as well, Amplifi HD is connected through cable and acts like dhcp client. The problem is - wifi that working with its own DHCP server. And it is correct and should be so. But there is a single wifi client (another mikrotik as well) that needs to be connected to main office lan through wifi as there no possibility to connect it via cable. how to configure Amplifi HD to the single wifi client be able to access ether it's server or main router in office LAN, without changing Amplifi HD to bridge mode? Below is the scheme of LAN to simply understand how it is configured.

    0_1619609269662_Снимок экрана 2021-04-28 в 14.26.19.png

  • @zemkub Don't see the second Mikrotik in the diagram, but I think if you configure the AmplifiHD to hand out a subnet mask of, (a B mask), then both networks would be in scope.

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