Terrible endpoint speeds vs Alien speeds

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    Above a screenshot of the speedtest I’ve run on the Alien, it’s consistent with my experience on the endpoints. Any ideas on how I should troubleshoot this? I’ve tried band steering, moved all smart devices to 2.4G separate SSID and only keep laptops/phones/streaming devices on 5G SSID

    Any guidance on how to go about troubleshooting would be much appreciated.


  • @manank Hi. In order to save battery, Apple devices tend to double down on MIMO connection rates.
    A couple of things to try first:

    1. Please charge your mobile phone before testing speeds. Sometimes iPhone requires a restart before it connects to the router with it's maximum WiFi capabilities.
    2. You can see your connection rate by taping on a specific client and then selecting Client Details. This will show theoretical Tx/Rx Bitrates. In real life, speeds are less than theoretical maximum values, but in general, if you see a rate of 1.2Gbps you should be able to reach 800Mbps with our in-app speedtest which is based on iPerf3.

  • @UI-AmpliFi this is a different but related question, so I'm putting it in the same thread.

    When I run OOKLA's macOS client from my 16" MacBook Pro (802.11ac radio 5 GHz), I'll get download rates of 180 to 220 mbits/sec repetitively until I reboot the computer. Then, the DL rates jump to 450-470 mbits/sec and stay there for several repetitive tests, but if I try again about an hour or two later, the DL rates decayed to about 350 mbits/sec.. Apple's "Activity Monitor" app doesn't note any problems.

    I could test with an Ethernet connection to the MacBook Pro, but i'm only about a dozen feet distant from the Alien. I'm paying my ISP (Charter/Spectrum) for 450 mbits/sec DL service, and testing your App on my iPhone, I get ISP to router rate of 330 mbits/sec, and 748 for Alien to Device.

    Why should the DL rate to the laptop decay over time?

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