How to Update to the Firmware v3.4.3 from 3.2.0?

  • Recently bought an Alien router from the AmpliFi website. It came with the firmware v3.2.0.

    The Remote Management UI shows that firmware update is available to v.3.5.1. But after having read on Reddit a number of people having issues with the router dropping connections every few hours.

    So I wish to update to v3.4.3 directly from v.3.2.0. How would I go about it?

    Already emailed the support two weeks ago, but received no reply.

  • Hi @Kiku-Kusanagi - you would need to obtain the v3.4.3 firmware .bin file from AmpliFi support then use the manual firmware installation webpage built into the router at http://amplifi.lan/fwupdate.php

    If http://amplifi.lan does not resolve on your network, then you can directly use the router's IP address

  • Thank you for the reply. I emailed nearly two weeks ago but I have yet to hear back from them on how to resolve this issue.

    This time, I emailed to request for the v3.4.3 *.bin file. Not sure how long it will be before they respond to my request...

  • @Derek-Saville
    Here's the response from the Support:

    Response from AmpliFi Support
    AmpliFi Support (AmpliFi)
    Apr 30, 2021, 11:55 PDT

    Hi Kiku,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am sorry, we do not have the firmware file for the Alien router. However, if you face any issue with 3.5.1, you can let us know and we will get it escalated.

    Hence, you can go ahead and update the Alien to firmware version 3.5.1.


    AmpliFi Support

    If Support doesn't have the v3.4.3 file, then how does one go about obtaining one?

  • Hi @Kiku-Kusanagi - first a disclaimer, many members of this community strongly disagree with AmpliFi's firmware file policies, especially beta testers, so please do not think I am defending or supporting their position

    AmpliFi Support definitely has the download links for previous firmware files available

    AmpliFi's policy has always been they want you to go through the Support Process, including submitting a Support Info file, in order to obtain a previous firmware revision when you have an issue

    The Alien should have a roll-back feature similar to the HD series, but it has never been implemented to my knowledge
    (the roll-back feature allows the router to go back to the previously installed version)
    It is very frustrating that the Alien does not implement this fall back feature.

    AmpliFi also strongly enforces a policy to not publicly share firmware download links or file uploads

    So what AmpliFi wants you to do is to install the latest firmware version, confirm you have an issue, open a support ticket, send them a Support Info file, and then they will provide you with a download link to a previous firmware revision if necessary

    Yeah, it's that bad...

    If your router is currently working ok, and there is no compelling reason for you to update the firmware, then you might want to wait until the community and/or reddit confirms a stable release

    Your other option is to follow their policy

    A third risky option, which I cannot guarantee because I haven't done it in a while, would be to join the Beta program, get the router to install the latest beta release candidate firmware, complain and go through the support process with a Support Info file to obtain the firmware version you want, then when you opt out of the Beta program it MIGHT still go back to your previous firmware revision (v3.2.0 in your case) instead of the latest stable release v3.5.1

    That was the way it was supposed to work, the Beta program acting like the roll-back feature, but there is unfortunately no way to know for sure if it will always work that way unless you try it

    Finally, you can always try to Direct Message @UI-AmpliFi and ask very nicely for a specific firmware link outside of the forum

    The support engineers like @UI-Karlis and @UI-Brett used to be pretty accommodating for such requests, but AmpliFi have gotten less user friendly when they switched to the current support system

    Hope you can work out what you need...good luck!

  • And lastly, another risky option would be to request anyone on this thread who already has a copy of the requested firmware version to share that file with you.

    It's sad to see that a product line that was touted as consumer friendly and easy to use has drifted from that original charter. While many owners of the HD line continue to successfully use that product, and perhaps the same is true for owners of the Alien line, there are still users who have issues.

    I own one of the original HD kits, and for me, it has worked well. When I had concerns similar to yours, one of the support engineers supplied me with a firmware file and we dialoged about what the backup and previous firmware recovery process would look like. To me, that's what quality customer support should look like. I'm sorry you're not getting that.

    After a couple of years of watching the changes in support levels, the difficulties in getting spares, I'm convinced that should my router fail, I would purchase a new mesh setup from another vendor. I've spent a little time on a few other vendor's support forums and just don't see the same degree of animus or lack of support.

    I continue to follow this community both as a user of Amplifi product and to provide my two cents in supporting others when I can. There are a number of smart, focused, and helpful members of this community who's contributions are invaluable and we are all indebted to them for the help they provide in the absence of such help from Amplifi.

  • @Derek-Saville

    Thank you for the input.

    Received another reply from the Support, this time from Pauline who has informed me that the development team is aware of the issue and working on a solution (no ETA given). She has also informed me that the router cannot be updated specifically to v3.4.3.

    I find it perplexing the Support won't allow the users the freedom to choose whichever version of firmware for their routers. I guess they must have a good reason for it, but I have no idea what those reasons might be.

    When I was recently in the market for upgrading my internet hardware, I chose AmpliFi Alien router due to strongly positive reviews from several websites. But in light of the firmware issues with the Alien line, I now somewhat regret my purchase decision.

  • @Derek-Saville

    This is wonderful news! Cheers!

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