suggestion on mesh setup

  • hi,

    Following question is more from market/region perspective and how Amplifi has priced project in India.

    In India following 3 devices are almost (+/-10%) same price.

    • AmpliFi Instant Router (SKU: AFi-INS-R)
    • AmpliFi HD Mesh Router (SKU: AFi-R)
    • AmpliFi MeshPoint HD (SKU: AFi-P-HD)

    We do not have Alien series in Inida, and my internet plan is 1gbps, and I easily get 850mbps when on LAN.

    So I was thinking, rather than going with HD router and Meshpoint HD, or 2 Instant routers.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to create mesh with 2 (HD Mesh Router) and connect them via ethernet? I think, this way I will be buying more capable device and may be able to get bit more out of my N/W

    am i overlooking some important consideration? or I am on right path?

  • Hi @rakeshsilswal - your instincts are correct and using 2 standalone HD routers with Ethernet backhaul would provide the best mesh performance combination considering the hardware listed

  • @Derek-Saville does router understand that they are in mesh? And control band automatically to avoid overcrowding same band and negativity impacting performance? Or I will have to configure it manually?

  • @rakeshsilswal Yes to the first question but I think that the band whether set automatically or manually will be the same for both the main router and the mesh points although others here can confirm, I am sure. As Derek stated above, your plan will be the best possible way to achieve a mesh with the AmpliFi range.

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