Devices won't connect (device limit reached?)

  • I have 142 devices currently connected to my Alien router and MeshPoint. I noticed that a few of my devices that are normally connected the network did not have an active network connection (Nintendo Switch, 3D printer, iPhone XR). When trying to re-connect each of these devices, they would simply time out on the connection attempt. If I restart the router I'm able to get them connected. However, I've found that other devices will not have an active connection. It seems that I may have hit a client limit of around 142 devices. I can only add additional devices at the expense of kicking off others. It's worth noting that around 80 of these devices are things like smart switches or bulbs that send very little traffic to the network. I've read separately that the client limit is 120 or 249, however, I haven't seen those confirmed.
    Have I reached a limit? If so, do I need to invest in a second home network to overcome this?
    If not, any ideas as to what may cause this inability to add additional devices?

  • Hi @Drew-Bostock - if your Alien router is acting as a DHCP server, check the settings and have the range start earlier

    I believe the default range is 100 to 249 = 150 addresses

  • Great advice! I'll give it a try!

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