Amplifi Alien and UDM Pro

  • I used to use an Amplifi Alien with two additional mesh points successfully. Today I got adventurous and added an UDM Pro to my network and made this the primary router (which connects to the modem). I set the main Amplifi Alien into bridge mode and the two mesh points also connect to the UDM Pro and are still configured as mesh points with Ethernet Backbone enabled. Everything seems to work great.

    Is this the correct setup or do I need to reconfigure the mesh points somehow and set them to bridge mode as well? Just making sure I got everything correctly.


  • Curious if this is still working good for you? I was thinking about emulating this setup as well as I have three Alien Units, but I am interested in some of the features of the UDM Pro.

    Also, just to clarify, is the main Alien Router the only one physically connected to the UDM Pro?

  • This is working great! No problems at all. Setup was trivial as well. I put the Alien into bridge mode and the UDM Pro is still in default mode. I haven't found time to play around with it. The only downside, as you might have read elsewhere already, is that the Alien is not integrated into the UDM Pro UI and you need to control it through a separate app. For me this is no big deal at all, but YMMV.

    *** Also, just to clarify, is the main Alien Router the only one physically connected to the UDM Pro? ***
    No, all Aliens are physically connected to the UDM Pro.

    FYI: Ubiquiti offers a bunch of Wifi 6 access points in Early Access on their website. I haven't tried any of those since they are often not available and only have 1GB LAN connections.


  • Thanks Dirk for the quick follow-up and thorough update. Very helpful.

  • @dgregorius Does the udmp see all the clients fine?

  • Yes! All three Aliens show up in the UDM Pro client list.

  • @dgregorius thanks ,but I meant can you see the wireless clients fine. Can you see client info like signal strength, which band they are one, traffic in/out per client etc. phones, IOT devices, anything using the AP's.

  • No, you need the Amplifi Alien app for this.

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