Everything great until......

  • I was just gushing to a friend this morning about how the AmpliFi systems has been up for 20 days without an issue. Of course, 2 hours later, I lose wireless on all 4 devices I have up in my office. iPad, Iphone X, MacBook Air and HP notebook. I looked at the mesh point upstairs here and the blue lights were flashing and then turned solid again. I rebooted both the base and the mesh point. Wired connection still going full speed (120mb). I try to access the wireless on my phone, asks for password, incorrect. Rebooted all devices. Try again to access the network and everything connects. Notebook is getting about 75mb, iPhone gets about 13mb and iPad is going 9mb and Macbook is 11mb. Everything was rock solid for the last 20 days. I'm pulling my hair out. Is there something I am missing or should try?

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