Lower-channel selectable for Wifi 6 radio, and DFS

  • Is there a chance for making the Wifi 6 radio customizable to not just revert to auto or (now, thankfully) the high channel, but also Unii-1 ? I don't understand why I can specific the Wifi 5 radio to be lower channels (only), but the Wifi 6 to be upper exclusively?

    Also, have we given up on DFS at this point?

  • Also, have we given up on DFS at this point?

    Hi @Daniel-Osers - the SWX-U6PROR recently obtained DFS compliance with the FCC along with 160MHz channels, so UI seems to be getting the hang of it now

    Not sure if the firmware has dropped yet, but that means they finally will have a controller + AP combo with WPA3, 160MHz and DFS in the near future

  • @Daniel-Osers : Just in case... have you seen what 3.6.0 (beta) is attempting to bring? If not, here's a little preview:

  • @oscartoro Wow - thanks for sharing! No, I had not (seen 3.6 beta) - but that's super promising 🙂

  • @Daniel-Osers
    Still being worked / not final (obligatory warning for anything beta) but here's some change log info:

    1st Beta -Changes (from the stable version 3.5.2):

    • Enabled DFS channels and 160 MHz bandwidth
    • Fixed crashes and improved stability
    • Improved configuration changes reliability
    • Added radio settings section to WebUI
    • Reduced request count for internet connectivity test
    • Update IANA timezone database
    • Other minor improvements

    2nd Build - Changes from the beta version 3.6.0beta1:

    • Fixed FragAttacks Wi-Fi vulnerabilities
    • Enhanced stability
    • Fixed IPv6 not working if PPPoE and WAN VLAN is used
    • Improved config synchronization after the firmware update
    • Allow returning to the previous DFS channel 30 minutes after radar detected
    • Other minor improvements

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