2x AmpliFi HDs using wireless backhaul. No LAN ports active on mesh node?

  • Hi, so far so good, with the exception that I've set up a second HD as a mesh node and would like to use the LAN ports. None of the them are active.

    I used the easy setup guide and added the second HD as a mesh node. I see the option for Ethernet backhaul. The RAMP is not in bridge mode.

    Am I missing something here? I assumed (and bought the second HD) because I figured the LAN ports on the mesh node would be active over wireless backhaul.

  • @nickruss I am running 3x HD main units (not the extenders). I'm using 2 of the HDs with wireless backhaul to the main router. I am using the ethernet ports on one of the HDs with wireless backhaul and it's working for me.
    I did find when I upgrade to FW 3.6.0 the ethernet ports on the main router went out. Downgrading back to 3.4.4 resolved the issue for me. Way back in FW 3.3.0 I and several others experienced some of the ethernet ports mysteriously going dark.
    If it were me, I would check to see you're running FW 3.4.4. or earlier. If the problem persists I would swap the primary and secondary HDs around, first confirming the ethernet ports work on the new primary HD before adding the second HD in wireless backhaul.
    I've also found ethernet switches don't always play nice with Amplfi products. I would take out any ethernet switches and work with a direct connection until you know the HD ethernet ports are doing what you expect.

  • Hi – cheers @sp_murphy thank you for the response. I reset the router to default firmware and removed a switch I had connected. That seemed to work and there haven't been any other issues on that front. Recently updated to FW 3.6 once a few people here had indicated it was ok.

    Not sure if I'm going to keep the wireless backhaul, for while the speed between the two HDs is good, it's nowhere near wire speed of the connection and there are days where the connection isn't usable for things like Zoom for a few hours on end. Pretty odd, as 95% of the time it's rock solid. Then every now and then it struggles.

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