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  • The app should show all devices regardless of whether connected or not. Otherwise we cannot block children's devices if they are offline. They have realised they can leave something off, we can't block it as its not in the list, turn it on at night and use it.

    Alto need to be able to remove previously connected devices that are no longer wanted. This is very poor security not providing this. My ISP connected to do a speedtest and I can't remove him!

  • @mbridgett you can do that if you've set up a remote management account...

  • @Raghu-Kannan I don't see how or where this works. My router sure have remote management but this just uses the same interface when not connected locally. I don't see where there is a full list of devices still.

  • @mbridgett Does restarting the router not clear the old devices?

  • @mbridgett why not assign them at static IP or put them in a user group on the devices page.

  • @Phil-Hasseljian nope but that wouldn't make sense either. I may have a device I use infrequently for example. How would the router "decide" what devices to delete? That should be my choice.

  • @retropimp74 nice workaround. However Any existing devices that haven't connected for a while (such as my ISP installer) doesn't appear so can't be deleted.

  • @mbridgett I think I misunderstood your post the firstime...I thought the ISP user was on your list even though they weren't there anymore.

    There is one sure way to take care of all of this.

    1. New wireless password --> your ISP is no longer on it (be sure the ISP did not turn on remote management, but you can turn that off via browser login if need be)
    2. Don't tell your kids the password. If they have friends come over, use the guest network.
    3. Do what retropimp74 suggests and creat profiles for each kids set of devices when YOU set them up. If they are apple devices, put on restrictiosn to KeyChain so they can't look up the WiFi password.
    4. Make sure you are the Remote Management operator so if you are away from home, your kids can text you to turn on Guest WiFi (with a time limit) if need be or un-pause their devices....after they have done their chores.

    A bit of a pain, but it will solve all the issues you posed....I think.

  • @Phil-Hasseljian I agree that is a good workaround but this is really an enhancement or feature request. Changing the wifi password on my 50 or so devices would be painful. The router should simply show the full device table whether connected or not and allow them to be removed.

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