Onboard VS App speed Vs Third party

  • Howdy,

    I live in SoCal and have a Gigabit Fiber connection from Att. I'm not super savvy in network terminology so forgive me in advance.

    Long story short after installing the Alien router and performing a speed test using the iPhone app I tend to get speeds around 950 down and 850 up most of the time. When performing the speed test on the Alien itself I then see speeds of 100 down and 50 up.

    Excluding the Aplifi iPhone app, every test I have run will not exceed 100 down and 50 up. It doesn't matter if I'm hard-wired or not. I have an iPhone 12 and even standing next to the router speed tests will not exceed 100 down and 50 up.

    I don't use the ATT router for wifi (turned off) and have the Alien plugged into the 5GB port on the back via CAT6. Also, In the real world, I don't see speeds exceeding 100 down at any point.

    0_1620927925063_Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10.41.28 AM.png
    Above is a screenshot of a wireless speed test done done with my MacBook three feet from the device. I got exactly the same result on a hardwired PC

    Above is a screenshot from my phone. You can see the log of speed tests. The sub 100 down tests were done on the device itself and the x00+ down tests were performed on the iPhone app.

    I have no idea what's causing this. I thought maybe it was some setting in the ATT router but that wouldn't explain why the Aplifi App reads speeds in the high hundreds.

    Any thoughts?

  • @grayfox691 Try moving the cable to another port on the ATT router. May be issues with the 5G port compatibility with the Alien.

    Reference info

  • Hey @Matthew-Leeds. Thanks for the idea. I just gave it a shot but so far no luck. 😞

  • @grayfox691 Ive installed over 20 amplifi HDs and anything over 200 mbps it doesnt seem to report, i have 400 mbps down and will only ever hit 200. This is the same on all the other units so i dont know why. They use speed.net if i use the app or pc allways get the true 400mbps. Funny as the netgear orbi built in one is accurate and also uses speedtest.net

  • Ugh, how annoying. I finally broke down and did a factory reset of the system and boom. The 100 down 50 up cap is broken. No idea why this happened but It seems to be working now.

    Wired is hitting 9xx down and 8xx up. Wired is differing between AC and AX but that's to be expected. Is there any setting of anything anyone can think of that would have caused this? Port forwarding or something?

    I'm going to keep my eye on this moving forward.