AmpliFi Alien and Starlink?

  • Does anyone know whether the AmpliFi Alien will work with the SpaceX Starlink system? If yes, are there any special setup instructions? Thanks.

  • @toshen

    I'm actually using the Alien right now with the Starlink dish. Just plug the dish's grey cable from the dish to the power brick that comes with the Starlink kit (POE brick) and plug the white cable from the POE brick directly into the Alien instead of the WiFi router that came with the Dish. I works MUCH better then the default router was very easy to setup. Worth every penny. It actually fixed dropps and lag I thought was a result of the satellite service itself that was actually caused by the little router that comes with it.

  • That's great to hear. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

  • @toshen

    NP. I had actually read somewhere before I bought it that you lose the nifty little statistics screen and data that you get with the Starlink app if you do this... but I did not lose it at all. I almost did not buy the Alien because of that, so glad I ignored that.

  • @Reace-Mart
    That's great to hear, too. I really appreciate that statistics screen and refer to it frequently.

  • @Reace-Mart Are you referring to the old round dishy setup or the new square one as the square one doesn't have a white cable. Newer dishy models require one to purchase a ethernet adapter would that not work the same for hooking up the amplifi alien through that?

  • @Dwayne-Gaertner
    I have no experience with the new kits so I'm not sure. I just known I have one of the originals and it works beautifully with Star Link.

  • I just connected an AmpliFI Alien Mesh Router to the new Rectangular Starlink Router via the now required accessory ethernet adapter. I set the Alien to 'Bridge Mode' in the Internet settings. This seems to be the best of both worlds since I can access both the Starlink Router when needed and run the household on the AmpliFI Router.

    That was the easy part. I'm still thinking about accomplishing how to integrate our existing VDSL supplied by a Comtrend 3120 A/VDSL router.

    Does any know what the simplest way is to add an existing Comtrend VDSL Router for failover purposes and if worth the effort bonding Starlink with the VDSL router?

    TIA & Cheers

  • @MuddyPaws Well the simplest is probably using a router that supports multi-wan load-balance configuration. There are many options out there... if you wanted to stick with something from ubiquiti (Amplifi parent brand) then you could just find an edgeRouter (there are several depending on your needs, but they're currently showing as "SOLD OUT": and follow the same steps as this guy: . EdgeRouters are highly configurable and you could probably find all sorts of other networking uses/projects for it if you didn't need it for this anymore... Here's another popular non-ubiquiti one:

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