Amplifi HD Doesn’t Pass Gigabit Speeds

  • Just bought it two days ago, and I’m sorely disappointed. Not only not getting anywhere the bandwidth I pay for, but the lack of response is appalling.

  • @Cedric-Deal does your AMPLIFI HD and cable modem negotiate at 1000Mbps (flashing green on cable modem port) or do they negotiate at 10/100 (flashing amber)?

    I’m having an issue with them negotiating at 1000 Mbps consistently where they will initially negotiate at 1000 but then after a period of time will go to 10/100 and stay there.

    My Apple AirPort Extreme negotiates with the cable modem at 1000 and stays there consistently so I can take advantage of my 150Mbps connection from my ISP.

  • @jared-tubaugh Yes, I've verified that both physically at the G1100 (Verizon router) ports and also in the G1100 ethernet port configuration application.

  • @Cedric-Deal gotcha. I wasn’t sure if we were experiencing the same issue or something different. Looks like we have different issues. I think I have a bad WAN port on my AMPLIFI HD. I may just take it back to Best Buy and grab another. The chances of two units having the same issue is very low.

    Good luck with your issue.

  • Same issue here. I have a gigabit internet connection and with my previous setup (Google Wifi) I maxed this out. Noticed that after getting the AmpliFi HD it capped at around 500 mbit.. Did a few searches on the web and found that this seems to be a well known problem. Huge issue for me and if they sell a router that is advertised as gigabit it needs to be supporting gigabit. Considering returning my 3 units now.

    Support said that I could try with the beta firmware, but would not confirm that it would solve the problem. I'm also hesitant to run beta firmware on my network

  • Did they actually send you the beta software? I've requested to be added to the beta program, but nothing but crickets so far.

  • Got new official firmware update today. First tests are showing significant improvement of internet speed. Used to be capped at around 500. First test now shows 850 m/bit up/down. So looks like its very close to the 1 gbit I'm paying for. Small chance that some of the servers I'm testing against cannot provide full gigabit speed at the moment and also that a few m/bits are in use so I would probably say that out of the 1000 capacity I now have about 900 disposable. So much better and I hope they keep on improving.

  • Realized I had to enable hardware NAT on settings. Once done I now get full gigabit speed.

    Not sure why it would be disabled as default?

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