Ability to turn off DHCP server.

  • Ability to turn off DHCP server.
    Possibility to set up own DNS for internal devices.
    Alexa skills app, similar to TP link.

  • +1 on this one!

  • Yes please! +1
    And the ability to configure which DNS servers the DHCP server hands out.

  • +1, I just ran into this issue while deploying my vCenter LAB and ended up having to use the 1 DHCP range trick to get it working.

    There should be the ability to set NetBIOS, Domain, and DHCP Server On/Off/Relay

  • @UBNT-Gunars
    Is it any plans for more dhcp control? Like turn it off completely or set a custom DNS. This is the only important feature missing for me now. I use Pi-Hole ad blocker/custom dns.

  • Pretty much related to this, which is not really getting a conclusive answer....

  • +1 on this one!

  • Bumping up this one: we should be able to have more control over an internal network layout without loosing the routing features this device provides.

    Layer the levels for configuration: filter for basic, advanced and expert settings as to not overwhelm the user.

  • @kim-nilsson This is number 1 missing feature on my wish list! Just bought a CUJO firewall device that needs the ability to turn off DHCP. The only other alternative for is to turn on Bridge Mode and lose many great features. Not great!

  • My +1 as otherwise happy AmplifiHD user.

  • Hi @UBNT-Brett - does the limited DHCP range hack that other people have reported work to effectively turn off DHCP?

    I have read many times that setting the DHCP range to one available address and then creating a static IP reservation for that one address using a bogus MAC address is the equivalent of 'turning off the AmpliFi DHCP server' - is that true?

    Then all devices will obtain a DHCP reservation from an alternative DHCP server on the LAN?

    Is there any downside to doing this if it works?

    Taking it one step further, if your goal is having Guest WiFi access is pseudo-bridge mode, you can:

    1. put the AmpliFi router in Static IP mode assigning it a fixed IP address compatible with your main upstream WAN router setup

    2. do the DHCP range hack to effectively turn of DHCP

    3. install the Ethernet cable from the upstream WAN router to the AmpliFi LAN and then install a second Ethernet cable from the AmpliFi LAN to the AmpliFi WAN (or use two Ethernet cables from the upstream WAN router to the AmpliFi router, one to the WAN port and one to a LAN port)

    Does that actually work?
    And Guest access will still be segregated even though the AmpliFi DHCP server is effectively turned off?
    And there are no Double NAT issues?

    If these hacks work, then why not do them in firmware?

  • Hi @jayson-knight - thanks for the feedback.
    Sorry to hear about your continued troubles.

    I am planning to install a USG as my main router and was interested in getting the HD Router to work in 'other-than-Bridge' mode.

    If you don't mind my asking, I assume you are using two Ethernet cables, one from the ISP router to the HD LAN, and then another from the HD LAN to HD WAN?

    And you are running the HD router in static mode?

    And for the DHCP hack, you have an IP reservation to a non-existent MAC to obtain the one available address from the HD router?

    PS - I did finally discover that my Teleport issues were caused by AmpliFi changing the MAC addresses of the internal LAN & WAN.
    The new WAN MAC address broke my IP reservation and port forwarding rules.

  • cant belive this is not supported. I'm using my own firewall, and want to use both normal and guest wifi. Problem is, the guestwifi has full access to everything behind the wan port, that in my opionin makes it useless without any firewalling options.

    why not turn of DHCP server, and providing the option to bridge different VLANs for the normal and guest ssids. I'm seriously considering returning the whole thing...

  • Any chance to get at least an answer to this request?

  • @pavel-radchenko This feature request had been added to the list. I cannot say whether it has or has not been considered for implementation, but I will add your voice to this request as well.

  • @ubnt-brett any update for dusable dhcp server,need too

  • +1 for complete implementation, ON/OFF/Relay) I want to turn-off embeded DHCP so I can Use pi-hole and pihole DHCP on a separate NAS

    And use optoion 66 or something simmilar to use PXE ( or at least pemit to use embeded DHCP on Pihole to use option 66 to PXE)

  • Absolutely disappointed with the inability do disable the dhcp server. It's a huge drawback as I have a server running this function. Might actually end up returning it.

  • +1 Either configurable DNS in the DHCP settings or ability to turn off. Surprised my 10 year old router that broke down had more settings 😞

  • @ui-brett Don't get me wrong, I adore the router, it looks and works great and the DHCP settings might not be a feature that the broader masses need. But is there any information on whether this is something that will be included or not seeing the topic was created two years ago? Just want to know if I should hang in there or not 🙂

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