Ability to turn off DHCP server.

  • My pfSense firewall has and I am not going to rearrange all my servers for a little DHCP issue.

    However, to answer your last question, that is correct. It only will block the IP address that are given out by it's own DHCP.

    This should be blocked my MAC. I can see that this "feature" for Family Control is probably on a back burner with AmpliFi support. It would be too easy to make this firmware change and could imagine it would appease some people.

    However, I digress, because disabling the DHCP server would be better to soothe a lot of pissed off people paying for the AmpliFi HD/Alien ($340-$700+) that is absent of a simple feature that is included in <$50 routers today.

    If you want to know what I did; put all my Fire sticks/Chromecasts/Google Homes on the AmpliFi DHCP network, but still use the configuration we discussed last night for all the computers that are members of the domain through my own DHCP server.

    That configuration also allows my Teleport HW to work as well.

    The only kicker, the app doesn't work. I tried to make a secondary Android IP in shell to correspond with the DHCP's subnet; just doesn't seem to work, with a rooted phone, I was LOST with the tens of thousands of routing/ip tables… And! instructions dating back to Android 4.4.4

    I took the other way out and had Tasker disable WiFi if I went into the app.

  • @UI-Brett is there any update on this? I'm thinking about changing my Amplifi to something else because of the lack of such a basic functionality 😞

  • @Pavel-Radchenko No update, it is not a feature that I am aware of us currently testing or developing, just requested as a feature and in the list for consideration.

  • @UI-Brett I ordered the Alien router and was so excited to finally get it up and running. Beautifully packaged and wow what a device. Love the screen, love the green, great stuff.

    Unfortunately, I will be returning it as it is completely useless for my home network. I can't seem to disable the DHCP server. Why would a $400 router be missing something so basic?

    Yes I know this is pretty much 'caveat emptor', it was my mistake to have bought a pretty package without doing the due diligence in researching before I buy. Lesson learned.

  • @K-H You can disable the DCHP server by enabling Bridge Mode.

    yes, you will disable other features like :

    DHCP Server
    Port Forwarding
    Family Profiles

    Will bridge mode work for your needs?

  • @UI-Brett No it will not work for my needs. The only way it would work for my needs is to disable DHCP like every other home router I have ever seen, except this one. Putting it into bridge mode even disables the information screen, so yes this is going back as soon as your sales department forwards me a RMA way bill.

    I don't remember when I've ever spent this much money on a product and being so disappointed after receiving it. I cant believe something so basic as DHCP control was left out of something so awesome...

  • @UI-Brett

    I've been digging through the forums this morning trying to figure out a way to either edit the DNS servers handed out by the DHCP server or just disable the feature altogether and roll it out on another device that allows that level of control.

    I did sort out how to get the amplifi hd to push my local DNS through DHCP by logging into the web ui and checking the box to disable the upstream DNS cache. Now my clients are seeing my internal pihole DNS server, but it appears the router is still acting as a forwarder because my pihole server isn't seeing the dns clients and is only seeing requests from the router.

    The next option was to disable the DNS server and just run it internally and I am not seeing it is not an option and the only ways around that are to disable all of the features that I like and use by enabling bridge mode. This is a terrible solution to a very simple problem. A $50 tp-link router has this functionality. This should be such a simple option to roll out. My guess is that the firmware devs and pinned a lot of the features to this router handling DHCP and allowing customers to disable it will effectively put the device into bridge mode and working your way back from that is costly.

    The second solution I found was that I can do this hacky fix to limit the DHCP server down to 2 usable addresses, then create fake static reservations for those and then roll my own, effectively having 2 DHCP servers on the same broadcast domain. I actually gave this a try today and doing so basically shut the router down completely. It looks like the mesh points require dhcp to function, and it also seems to lose its connection to the internet when I limited the scope down to 2 usable addresses.

    I like the product and its features but this is basic functionality it is lacking and there's been plenty of interest over the years. I was considering upgrading to an alien, but after reading and attempting to get this working this morning I will be going with a competitor.

  • Bought this a few months back. Finally got some time off to setup my network and ran into this issue. Working on home automation and a subnet mask of is not acceptable. Not being able to shut off DHCP is even worse. I'll be dumping this thing in the trash (don't want to inflict others with such a crappy product) and buying something else. First and last Amplifi product I will ever own and I won't be recommending it to friends/clients.

  • Remember to put a request for dhcp server management into suggestion section of the forums.

    I hope that product managers and devs check that section because this would be a great feature.

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