ORBI 3000 VS Amplifi HD MESH

  • So, It seems like alot of ORBI users that got tired of the random disconnects with their ORBI have moved to the Amplifi HD Mesh System; I am having the same issue with my ORBI, and I was wondering how folks have found the Amplifi Mesh HD versus the ORBI..


  • I have never owned the ORBI but I have had the Amplifi HD (with one mesh point) for 6 months now and have had not one disconnect. It has been rock solid from day one. My only gripe is the lack of access to the firewall but I have asked for this to be changed via the "Suggestions" part of this forum.


  • Hi,

    I was owner of a Orbi Router & several satellites and unfortunately I was disappointed by the numerous disconnections and random behaviour with the wireless devices. Also the Wifi coverage wasn't really great compare to the Amplifi.
    I moved to Amplifi and few minutes after the installation everything was working fine for all devices! That's a great product for the moment 😉


  • I actually have a fresh experience with the Orbi 3000. I am a very senior networking architect (among other things) and finally gave up on a Netgear x9000 and 4 high end extenders in favor of a mesh setup. Went and bought the orbi 3000 with 3 satellites. Took it home and configuration was a clusterfcuk. Satellites failed to register. Failed to update. Showed not connected when they were connected. Dropped backhaul network as well as the client network in a random fashion. Devices were crude, unappealing to the eye, bulky and looked like cheap toys. Played with it for a day and it went back to Best Buy (wrote a “nice” product review and gave them 2 stars. I have no problem with crappy setup- I am well versed in very complex configs of finicky network gear, but the inconsistency of the connection state across the orbi ecosystem was a deal breaker for me.

    The same day bought the AMPLIFI hd kit and also ordered an extra mesh point- I have an 8500 sq feet house so it was needed. Configuration took all but 15 minutes not counting updating the fw. Been running for the last 2 days without a single hickup. The router alone has better coverage compared to the orbi router plus 1 satellite. Not to mention the amplifi looks awesome in my book. We shall see how the system fares over long term, but for now it is everything I hoped for. I believe the orbi might be a bit faster once it is loaded up with very chatty devices (I have about 40 in my smart home), but the speed difference is probably negligible and I am nitpicking.

    That is my direct experience with the two systems and I am sticking to it 🙂

  • I mirror the same experience. The ORBI system should never be allowed to be sold to the public in my opinion.

    Amplifi HD deserve much success for bringing this system to market.

  • Funny I just stumbled upon this and I know the post is old, but my experience is not. I’ve owned the Amplifi HD with one mesh point, I haves smaller ranch style home. I saw the orbi on sale and bought it, two system and set it up. I have 150/150 on FIOS and with Orbi, it was consistent full speed throughout my home. Even the range was comparable with Amplifi.

    However, as of today, after running the orbi for a little over a month, I’m back with the AMPLIFI. Honestly, me personally, I don’t get full speed with the AMPLIFI, the range is just as good if not better but than the Orbi, but the constant disconnects from the WiFi were painful. I couldn’t even narrow it down for how often, it would just drop my WiFi consistently and randomly. With a smart home and numerous devices, about 40 of them, the AMPLIFI never drops a signal. The app is better to work with as well. Firmware after firmware, the orbi just doesn’t perform as it should. Look at the Netgear Orbi forums and you’ll see plenty of unhappy owners. For now, I do wish I had MU-MIMO and triband on the AMPLIFI, but I’ll take consistent performance. And try getting Netgear support to help you. Clueless. AMPLIFI support has been pretty solid.

  • @chito-sien Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Similar experiences with Orbi RBK53 -- extremely fast and great coverage but very unreliable (unexplained outages every day, sometimes for 10's of minutes at a time), and their management interfaces and mechanisms feel half-baked at best. For example there's a QoS settings page that literally just gives you a Speedtest widget-- there's no QoS to be found.

    I also tried Linksys Velop-- decent product in terms of reliability but again management seemed half-baked, so I returned that too.

    With the recent firmware update to AmpliFi, it's hands-down the most reliable system and I get 100Mbps throughout my whole house, even despite not being a tri-band product. Very very happy with this product after trying several others.

  • Thank you @chris-crowe-1 for sharing! I love hearing these success stories

  • My only strong feedback here would be that the upper-tier Orbi and Velop products are tri-band while AmpliFi is dual-band only. It would be awesome to see Ubiquiti release an AmpliFi tri-band with dedicated 5Ghz backhaul in the future 🙂

  • @chris-crowe-1
    Hey. I was looking into the Tri Band Velop, 2 pack. How does the speed and WiFi drop outs compare to the AMPLIFI?

  • @chris-crowe and to get a cool discount for current owners. Lol.

  • @chito-sien The speed seemed about the same as AmpliFi if not a bit better. And dropouts didn't seem to be happening but I did have some other questionable behavior like some long latencies when requesting web pages (ie, request, pause, then page loads fast). I couldn't figure out what was causing it. This combined with a very bad admin UI and overall admin experience made me return that product. I much prefer AmpliFi.

  • I guess I'll be able to compare soon enough. Having had my AmpliFi for 2 yrs and it finally dying on me for a second time (first was out of the box when I originally purchased it) I'm trying Netgear. Just can't take another chance of spending that type of $ for a product with a shelf-life of 2yrs.

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