ORBI 3000 VS Amplifi HD MESH

  • So, It seems like alot of ORBI users that got tired of the random disconnects with their ORBI have moved to the Amplifi HD Mesh System; I am having the same issue with my ORBI, and I was wondering how folks have found the Amplifi Mesh HD versus the ORBI..


  • I have never owned the ORBI but I have had the Amplifi HD (with one mesh point) for 6 months now and have had not one disconnect. It has been rock solid from day one. My only gripe is the lack of access to the firewall but I have asked for this to be changed via the "Suggestions" part of this forum.


  • Hi,

    I was owner of a Orbi Router & several satellites and unfortunately I was disappointed by the numerous disconnections and random behaviour with the wireless devices. Also the Wifi coverage wasn't really great compare to the Amplifi.
    I moved to Amplifi and few minutes after the installation everything was working fine for all devices! That's a great product for the moment 😉


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