WiFi Meshpoints

  • I would like to see the ability to buy the Mesh Points for indoor use as single ones. As well as I would like to see the ability to get an Outdoor Mesh Point with the possibility to use a RJ45 connector as well as a 3 wired power connection.

  • The Alien itself is only $50 more than what the mesh point would cost, so just buy one of those tbh. It's well worth it and it's a good way to keep an eye on how the mesh itself performs. The second Alien will allow you to speed test your mesh, as well as display a mesh signal strength meter so you can find the best spot for the mesh. The bundled mesh points cannot do this at all that I can see.

    As for an outdoor mesh point, you could possibly use some kind of repeater but the second alien (or third) can probably be more than enough to cover wherever you need outdoor wifi from your home. Obviously, put the unit closest to the end of the house you want to cover, or highest point you can in the house, and make sure the unit isn't having to deal with thick walls or aluminum/metal siding, as these interfere with the 5ghz signal a lot. I have a second Alien for a mesh point in my kitchen and in my backyard just 10 feet from the device, the signal is greatly reduced due to my aluminum siding. Once I am inside the house on the other side of the siding, the speeds greatly increase.

  • @cmdshft to be honest, more modern houses especially in Europe get thicker and thicker walls. It‘s not an option just to use the Alien Indoor and place it next to the Wall.

    That’s why I‘m asking for an outdoor Mesh Point as well. A repeater is not working at all because you can just use it as an AP (Information from Support) instead of an Mesh Point (different SSIDs).

    A Mesh point for the Alien should also be available in a lower price range because sometimes you don‘t need the logic at all.

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