Parental control devices

  • Has anyone been able to limit devices from accessing mature content or known explicit web sites?

  • I have been looking for something for quite a while before i landed on the reality that no Mesh system does a great job at parental controls. I have returned a few systems that have loose claims and even one that still let them on when internet was disabled (Linksys Velop) and I think I have come to the realization that the better way to handle parental controls is with a third party. While the internet on/off feature is enough for the hardware I am planning on using CloudFlare for families (I use it for other services) since they have an automated filtering system that is free and as simple as changing your DNS numbers. I just setup my Alien system yesterday so I haven't tested it yet but looks promising. If this doesn't work, I am more than likely going with something like Circle or a similar paid service.

  • I too would love better parental controls. I know you can set up a special DNS but would be nice to have these features to be built into the app/router. The ability to turn off internet for specific devices seems very useless as the sole parental control option.

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