Mesh Point always disconnecting from Alien Router via ethernet backhaul

  • Hello community: I have been using an Alien and a mesh point ( kit) for almost a year now. I use both the Alien and its mesh point in access point mode and my system had been rock solid for nearly a year until about a month or so ago. The problem I am now having is the mesh point doesn't want to stay connected to the Alien via ethernet backhaul for no more than a day or two. I end up having to reboot the mesh point to get back online.

    If I use the mesh point to connect to the Alien via wireless I don't experience these disconnects as often but I don't have the speed from the mesh point using it this way. Is anyone else having this problem? if so can anyone chime in and give me some advice on how to fix this? I am going to assume some of the latest firmware updates may have broken my stability. The problem is I can't remember what firmware version was the last one that was stable for me to try and roll back to.......any input or advice much appreciated....thanks community!

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