Add SSH & more configuration options

  • Please add my vote for adding an interface for advanced settings, as well as SSH access, to the Amplifi HD router. One example of an "advanced" setting would be the ability to set a static IP for the Amplifi HD while it's in Bridge Mode.

  • I agree with this 100%, there needs to be an Advanced options section for these devices. SSH would be great also. With my old router I was able to ssh in to the device and send a graceful shutdown in the case of a power outage. If my UPS hit 10% my network would be gracefully shutdown rather than just everything loosing power.

    I would love to have more access to the DHCP & DNS settings. I really expected more from this device, but I guess that is my fault for not doing more research before purchasing it.

  • @AustinIS It could be that what we're all asking for is an API - a way to manage features using scripting. Even a web API is scriptable (BeautifulSoup).

    Surprisingly, this router with extenders is closing out sales on ebay for as high as $199. That makes this a bit more palatable to start over with something new.

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