Devices lose connection

  • I have just gotten two AMPLIFI alien routers. They are set up as a router and a ramp, and connected with Ethernet backbone (cat6)

    After configuring it all and adding about 50 devices by ethernet/wifi, it all looked good. No other wifi than primary and a guest network enabled. Loved the ui and wifi coverage.

    but then the problems started. I have AirPrint printer connected by wifi. Its listed at connected by 2,4ghz. When i try to use AirPrint on my iphone or iPad it cant find the printer. If i cut the power to the printer and restart it, it all works for 2 minutes and then AirPrint cant find the printer on my iphone.

    its the same if i use the scan function on my Windows dell xps. The printer software can only find the printer a few minutes after restart. Then its gone

    it seems like this issue is because my pc and iphone are connected to the same primary ssid by 5ghz. When i move about with my iphone and it switches over to 2,4 ghz all of a sudden AirPrint works again and my printer shows up as a connected printer on my iphone.

    through all this the printer is listes as connected when i check the AMPLIFI app on my iphone.

    i also have the exact same issue with my logitech Harmony remote. If i restart the hub i can use the logitech app on my phone. After a little while when i want to use the app and my phone as a remote, the app is unable to connect to the hun even though the hub shows as connected in the AMPLIFI app.

    both devices have good wifi coverage, and all devices are given static internal ip.

    please help, i have spent so many hours twisting my head over this.

    i also have 9 sonos speakers with interferens/delay.

    Thanks in advance

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