Amplifi HD and AX201 erratic connection

  • Last year I got a new Dell laptop equipped with an Intel AX201 WiFi 6 card. The problem is that, when connected to the mesh WiFi, the connection gets interrupted. First I experience connections that are no longer responsive, then Windows reports the WiFi als 'connected, no internet'. In the eventlog it says that the card is no longer functioning correctly. I can get the connection working again by (most of the times) disconnecting/reconnecting or (sometimes necessary) disabling/re-enabling WiFi.
    I am using the latest drivers, the WiFi card has already been replaced and the problem is not reproducible on other WiFi networks. Other devices function properly on the mesh network.
    As said: the eventlog does not show much usable information and I don't know if and how I can reach logging from the Mesh accesspoints. What to do?
    As I am on the beta-program for the Amplifi I raised this subject on the dedicated forum, but that forum seems not very active anymore. So I try my luck here.

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