Advanced Settings

  • Are there any advanced settings for the AmpliFi HD? I would like to see & configure what the ad-block settings are. I would also like to use my own DHCP server if possible.

  • Besides the app, you can try this site from a browser while being on your local network: amplifi.lan - that will give you few more options.

  • @Writeumar Not everyone uses .lan for their address so you have to use the router's address. Here is an article about how to get to HD's web interface.

  • I have used both the app and the web app. I was looking for a truly advance config settings. Somewhere that you could view/modify/enable/disable DHCP settings, firewall rules, ad-blocking rules, etc..

    As I have been searching it seems that the AmpliFI HD does not have these capabilities. If there is a way to view/modify these settings let me know.

  • Nope..
    DHCP settings and port forwarding can only be done whithin the app. FW and adblocking rules arent changeble.

    But.. you want to run your own DHCP server.. so only thing you have to do is setting the HD in bridge mode to switch off the DHCP and use pi.hole for adblocking?

  • I found the port forwarding section in the app. I don't mind that the FW & AD Block rules are not changeable, but I would like to be able to view the rules or logs just to get a better idea of what is going on. I have updated the AmipliFi DHCP server to use my pi-hole for DNS and that is working fine. I haven't switched it to bridge mode since I don't know if that will disable the internal firewall on the device.

    Seems like I should have gone with a UniFi setup rather than an AmpliFi device. I was thinking that the AmpliFi would offer similar features as the UniFi, but more tailored to home use.

  • @mreich615 I think you are correct.. AmpliFi is suited more for pro home users.. Hence I also would see more in logging or which adblocking they used.

    Therefore I setup my adguard.home/unbound (used pi.hole behore) on a pi to accomplish that (especially the whitelisting of unwanted blocked sites).

  • @Auke-Wesselink I have been looking at using the AmpliFi in bridged mode with a USG Security Gateway as the network controller for Firewall & IDS/IPS and pi-hole for DHCP & DNS. Only problem with that is I need a USG Pro since I have Gig at home and the standard USG maxes out at ~120 Mbs with the security features turned on. The USG Pro is the same price as the AmpliFi HD and that will be a hard sell to the wife...

    I am not having any performance issues with the HD, just wish it had more features for its price point.

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