Newb: Setup with Xfinity

  • Hi.

    In setting up my new Alien router, I followed instructions (I think) and came to the part where I plug the ethernet cable into the bottom of the modem. I had skipped through the beginning steps but realized I must tether the Alien router to my Xfinity router, which is connected to cable via coax. This seems to work, as I'm updated and running and getting much better speeds then prior (near 600Mbps).

    I was thinking I'd be returning my old router to XFinity. But, because of the coax, it seems it's here to stay.

    Am I good to go? Or does this setup seem odd?

  • The hardware from Xfinity handles the modem feature, turning the signal delivered over the coax into an ethernet output for your router. That's as it should be. You will be keeping the hardware from Xfinity.

  • Hi @Rob-Sbisa - is your Comcast box just a modem?
    Or is it a gateway 'router' that also provides its own WiFi and internet access to all of the devices in your home?

    If you can provide the model number of the Comcast device it might help determine which it is

    You will always need at least a modem which allows a router (i.e. Alien) to communicate to the Comcast network via coax

    But Comcast also provides gateways, which combine a modem + router into a single device
    In that case, you may have two routers (gateway + Alien) running at the same time, which works, but isn't always ideal and may cause compatibility issues with some clients

    If you have a gateway, then you either need to run your Alien in Bridge mode, which removes some of the features, or attempt to put your gateway into a pass-thru bridge mode, which isn't always straightforward because ISP's tend to like to have more control over your internet connection

  • @Matthew-Leeds Thanks!

  • @Derek-Saville Thank you. This is good info. Right now, my download speeds are 10x what they are on my original network. Plus, I have a new, private speedy network.

  • @Rob-Sbisa I would add one other bit of information you may well already know if your Comcast device is a gateway. That is, you're paying rent to Comcast that permits your house to act as an access point for THEIR public WiFi. They're more open about that than they used to be, but my position is that they wouldn't do this if they didn't make money doing it, and if they're making money doing it you shouldn't have to subsidize those profits!

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