Router-to-Router Teleport stuck in "Connecting" and "Connecting in progress" loop

  • My sister currently uses a hardware teleport from her location to my location. Now I am trying to setup a teleport between her new AmpliFi Instant (192.168.103.) and my Amplifi HD (192.168.129.). My "Home" Amplifi HD is in bridge mode. The remote Amplifi Instant is behind her original router (10.0.0.*) and is in DHCP mode. After obtaining the code from my home router I switch the app to the remote router and try to connect a device. It is getting into a "Connecting" and "Connecting in progress" loop and never completes the connection. Any suggestions?

  • Hi @Avi-Schwartz - are both the HD and the Instant on the same firmware revision?

    What is the original 10.0.0.* router? ISP provided?

    • some routers, such as MT and even UI ER's have been known to block Teleport connections
    • I have seen some ISP routers with settings to block/allow VPN traffic

    Is the Instant otherwise working as you would expect double NAT'd?

    Is it possible to temporarily install the Instant as the primary router at your sister's location to test if R2R is working properly in that configuration?

    Is the Teleport app working on a mobile device from your sister's location to your home?

    Is your sister located in a VPN friendly country to your home location?

    • I have been in some PRC locations where ISP routers can block R2R Teleport and there is no way around it, even when the HW Teleport and the Teleport App work
    • traffic pinging PRC servers has also been observed and never explained by AmpliFi, so it may not be the ISP's themselves but some other form of regional compliance on the part of AmpliFi preventing the connections

    After a couple of failed connections you might want to pull Support Info files from the Instant and the HD and submit them with a support request for analysis and AmpliFi may be able to pinpoint where the connection is failing

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