Amplifi HD coverage

  • Hi all,

    I discussed on another thread the differences between Alien US and Alien EU. My conclusion was to buy an Alien EU.

    Now, after checking much more in depth, I come back to a new conclusion: I need an Amplifi HD stand alone router, no mesh.

    My needs are:

    • parental control
    • I don't have wifi 6 devices today I have an AP Netgear EX7300 but I need a little bit more in term of coverage
    • I'm not a gamer
    • I don't want a mesh system
    • I want a reliable router

    Regarding my needs, does anybody have an idea of the coverage of the Amplifi HD stand alone router vs the Netgear EX7300?

    Any advice would be appreciated, I'm lost.

  • @F-S I've got an HD system, however I've tested with just the router active. I've a two story, 2,600 sq ft home, with the router downstairs on one side of the house (actually in the garage). I get complete coverage with just the router, but better speeds with the two mesh points active. I've no experience with a Netgear EX7300 so can't offer a comparison.

  • @F-S I have no experience with the Netgear EX7300 so can't provide a comparison, celotehpraja

  • @Matthew-Leeds thanks Matthew. Good information

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