Fast Connection Speed to Router but Slow Internet Speed

  • Hi,

    I'm only getting around 100Mbps download speeds to my devices despite have 800Mbps internet from Xfinity. When I run a speed test on the Alien Router using my iPhone 12 Pro Max it says the internet speed is 623Mbps and my Alien to Device connection is 837Mbps, but then I only get 90Mbps when testing my internet speed with the Ookla speedtest app.

    When I first installed the Alien router a few weeks ago I was getting 500Mbps on my iPhone.

    Any thoughts on how to improve my internet speeds?


  • I'm seeing exactly the same thing here. I was having problems several months ago. I solved it by unplugging both the Alien and the Cable Modem then plugging in the cable modem. Waiting for it to comeback up completely then plug in the Alien.

    Now? This doesn't work anymore and I'm limited to about 85.3mbps. on a 1Gig Connection. I have logs where it seems to work at full speed for a day or two, then it stops. I haven't been able to get the speeds back up since 5/9/2021... The last full speed test I had was on 5/4/2021. Oddly, it appears that the 5.3.2 Firmware update was pushed out on the 5th.

    I have the Alien Kit, this was almost $800.00. I'm paying for the top tier internet from Xfinity with no DataCaps. But, at this point, I would be better off going back to my AirPort Extreme. At least they would work at speed consistently.

    This is unacceptable. Some one please fix this.

  • So, after downgrading the firmware and then rebooting everything and not getting any joy.

    I replaced the network cable between the Alien and the Cable Modem and...BOOM

    Also, the cable I replaced was the cable that came with the device.

    0_1624222506003_Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 3.55.02 PM.png

  • And it didn't even last a DAY. So THAT wasn't the problem. However, I did notice something.

    When the speed is slowed, the link light on the cable modem is showing a 100mb connection not a 1000mb connection. So it makes me think there is an issue where the Alien is doing something and the cable modem is thinking it's now running at 100mb.

    0_1624471575184_Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 1.06.13 PM.png

  • So I guess I am not the only one with speed problem, before it was 200mb but now only around 80mb, what the hell is happening.

  • I seem to be getting some of the same issues. has a fix been discovered? I have 300mb plan from my isp. the alien self test is 150mb. wired from the alien is 98mb via speedtest. straight from the modem to the pc (bypass alien) is 310mb via speedtest. It seems like the alien is cutting my internet speed in half.

  • @Joshua-Downie SAME SAME SAME... I can't figure it out. I'm ready to go elsewhere

  • Same issue, downgrading the firmware doesn't solve it.

    My contract is 200mbps
    Wired i get ~195mbps
    The amplifi selftest ~90mbps
    Speedtest on wifi 5ghz ~135mbps

    i've used to get ~195mbps on wifi 5ghz (router and on the satellites).

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