Mesh link speed is fast, device on mesh.. not so much...

  • So, I have two Aliens in mesh config using wireless backbone. I am using the Wifi 6 band for the mesh. The mesh speed itself is really impressive, almost 1Gbps both ways. However, when I test using my cell phone, the speed is about 1/3rd of that speed, and I have to be right on top of the mesh point. Also, it seems as if the mesh points signal is easily much weaker than the main access point's signal, even from 5 feet away in another room I seem to lose about 100Mbps of speed. When I do a speed test when I am connected to the main AP, I will see speeds of almost 800Mbps to my cell phone which supported Wifi 6.

    What gives with the slower speeds on the mesh point even though the mesh link itself is almost 1Gbps? What can I do to improve this speed without using an ethernet backbone (it's not feasible at this time to do ethernet backbone)?

  • To add to my issues... I am suddenly seeing almost half of the mesh link speed as I was getting in the original post. Nothing has changed in my environment, so I am confused as to what is causing the issue.

    Here is the link speed originally:
    Here is the link speed today:

    Here is a graph showing my network environmen (My network name is Distributary and I seem to be the only one using ch 157)t:

    As far as I can tell, the link speed should not be reduced as much. This is on firmware 3.5.2 on both devices.

  • yelling into the void

    Anyone from Ubiquiti mind chiming in?

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