Ethernet clients behind switches can't receive IP from time to time

  • Hello!

    Would you be so kind to provide some advice? Here is the situation: I bought AmpliFi HD and use it for several month. There are couple of simple switches connected to LAN ports of AmpliFi HD (D-LINK and ASUS). It mostly works as expected, all devices are recieving IPs from Amplify. But sometimes (observed after power outages) not all of them can receive IP. I see devices in Amplify Android app with their MACs but no IPs are given to them and they can't connect to network. Restarting affected PC (behind D-LINK) is not solving the issue. (Only way is to disconnect ethernet wire, wait a bit and then connect again). On the other hand unplugging the power from Apple TV (that is behind ASUS) helps.

    I wonder how to solve this if possible? Is this known issue? I've tried to assign static IPs to these devices, but it didn't help. Only ethernet cable reconnection did the trick.

    I've purchased one more AmpliFi HD to resolve the issue by replacing one of the switches where I need better wifi coverage as well. But I don't need 3rd AmpliFi HD, just some switch to increase the number of ethernet ports of Amplify.

    So maybe you could advice on some not so expensive (Ubiquity?) switch that would integrate better with AmpliFi HD?

    Thanks a lot!

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