Lack of USB support is pretty rediculous

  • I just got my AmpliFi HD mesh system and the issue with no functional access to the USB port always frustrates me, but especially now with a system that is touted as being the best in the world. It's very frustrating!

    If $30 Raspberry Pis can flourish at this, and do virtually everything AmpliFi routers can do, with the exception of gigabit wired, wireless and mesh networking, cost can't be the issue.

    It sounds like this has been "in the works" for months. But that sounds like lip service to me at this point. Are there any real updates? Or more fluff?

  • I'd rather they work on better networking features than enabling the USB port. I don't find it ridiculous at all.

  • Well actually.... It's a feature that has been promised and is used in marketing material for the device. In other words people have purchased this router over other devices specifically because of the USB-POWERED port. It should be their number one priority. Period.

  • Their marketing material even more so communicates that it is a functional router and meshed WiFi access device.
    People have also purchased these routers over other devices specifically for, well actual routing and meshed WiFi.
    So that should be their number one and number two priorities. Period.
    But everyone has a right to a different opinion, so best to vote on it...

  • Personally, I bought this Amplify set for the easiest, best looking and best posible mesh networks for home use.
    I do not care about the usb port is not being used.
    And certainly not for a NAS solution. This could have an impact on the performance of my WiFi network and also involve security risks. There are devices for sale that can do this much better ;-).
    I have said before that I think that Amplify's USB port is going to be used for their own IOT solution.
    alt text alt text
    So do not expect too much from using the USB port for other things.

  • This post is deleted!

  • NAS performance from a router's USB port is pretty poor anyway. Better off buying a QNAP or Synology if you want to do that.

  • I can imagine potentially using a USB connected HDD with Teleport as simple 'cloudy' storage while traveling.
    So I hope they do implement the feature at some point.

  • I am needing a new router, but the lack of USB support is what is holding me back from choosing this model.

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