Using Amplifi Instant in bridge mode

  • I have a wifi network with one Amplifi HD as a router and another as a mesh-point. Works very well. Need to extend this network with one or two APs - most likely connected to the router by cable. Planned to use Amplifi HD units, but they seems hard to get these days in my country (Norway). Amplifi Instant units are, however, available. Two questions about this:

    1. Is it possible to run the Amplifi Instant in bridge mode?
    2. May I admin all units (Amplifi HD and Amplifi Instant) in Android app in the same network - i.e. will all units show as mesh units as if I was using Amplifi HD?

  • @oberli Yes and Yes. You can also set the Instant as a mesh point.

  • Ali Hadi
    Thanks for your very quick response!

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