Using Amplifi Instant in bridge mode

  • I have a wifi network with one Amplifi HD as a router and another as a mesh-point. Works very well. Need to extend this network with one or two APs - most likely connected to the router by cable. Planned to use Amplifi HD units, but they seems hard to get these days in my country (Norway). Amplifi Instant units are, however, available. Two questions about this:

    1. Is it possible to run the Amplifi Instant in bridge mode?
    2. May I admin all units (Amplifi HD and Amplifi Instant) in Android app in the same network - i.e. will all units show as mesh units as if I was using Amplifi HD?

  • @oberli Yes and Yes. You can also set the Instant as a mesh point.

  • Ali Hadi
    Thanks for your very quick response!

  • Does it have one SSID if you set it into bridge mode?

  • @Obeidullah-Moosajee From my experience the wifi is not affected when selecting router or bridge mode. This means that the unit may have an SSID for regular users and one SSID for a guest network. When using the unit in a mesh system, it will have the same SSIDs as the main unit.

  • I first set up my Amplifi Instant as a normal router gave it an SSID name, I ran an ethernet cable from the main router Amplifi HD to the Amplifi Instant.Now I want to set it into bridge mode but does don't give me the option to set it to the main router SSID name. Do I have to reset the Amplifi Instant modem.

  • @Obeidullah-Moosajee The following has worked for me:

    1. Factory reset the instant router
    2. Connect the Ethernet cable
    3. Use the (mobile) app and set the Instant as a (cable connected) mesh unit (don't remember the options). It will then get the same ssid etc. as the main router, and will automatically work in bridge mode.

  • Hi @Obeidullah-Moosajee - are you wanting to form a single mesh between your HD and the Instant while utilizing wired Ethernet backhaul?

    Or do you want to have two separately managed routers configured with either the same SSID and password, or different SSID and passwords?

    If you want a single mesh, you would first add the new standalone router as a wireless mesh point the main router, and then enable Ethernet backhaul...

    If you want separate independently managed wireless networks, you would just install the new standalone router to the main router as you would for a new DHCP installation and then set it to Bridge mode...

    It is recommended to manually configure the wireless channels to avoid interference between the two routers if Bridge mode is used instead of meshing them

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