roomba cloud app issues

  • hey everyone,

    I recently upgraded to an alien environment and i got everything moved over without issue. except for my roomba I6. the roomba connect just fine because I can see it in my wifi client list. the issue is if i open the roomba app it shows the roomba disconnected. i have made port forwarding rules and changed DNS server to opendns as well. none of this worked..

  • @yurek7 I had the same problem with my Eufy Robovac G10 , after I upgrade to Alien FW 3.5.1 and later it’s just not stable (connect / disconnect) all the time , I can see it in the connected devices list but using it via the app it does not respond , it’s weird that it happens to this device only.

    I found that with FW 3.5.1 , when a wall between the router and the device it act weird like this , but when there is no wall it connect fine and play well with no issue.

  • same same regarding seeing the device. Unfortunately no walls in my case. The Alien router, roomba, and ipad I'm using the app on are all within 4 ft of eachother.

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